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What is a customs broker? 

The term "customs broker" familiar to the western world for over a hundred years. In the former USSR, the profession was only with the collapse of the Union, quickly taking a leading position in the labor market. So who is this "customs broker"?

Customs broker - a broker that represents client in customs, performing customs operations on his behalf. The duties of a broker is "customs clearance" is the declaration of goods and transport, customs of the required documents, presentation of the declared goods and payment of various fees and charges.

Benefits of using customs broker are obvious: the company that plans to "clearance" a load can make it much faster using the knowledge and communication of professional brokers. Perhaps each of us had a bad experience interacting with executive power: you rude or through missing reference, or pulling trial, using your ignorance. And if any delay would entail large losses? Is not it easier to use the services of professionals?

Recently, Ukrainian companies are increasingly turning for help to customs brokers. In addition, referring to the "pro-Western" policy of Ukraine, experts predict an increase in demand for such services.